At Lunar, we emphasize heavily on three things: precision, seasonality and quality. Our coffee features our very own house blend, custom-roasted for us by local roasters, 2 Degrees North Coffee Co. The complimenting blend of Guatemalan and Brazilian coffees guarantee to be packed with comforting flavours of chocolates, nuts and caramel - an unpretentious and honest blend.


Located amidst the hustle of the working crowd. Lunar provides a sense of respite from the rush of working life. Shielded from the weather and greeted with a cool blue environment, it's easy to slip into a state of relaxation while enjoying a quality cup of coffee or heartening meal.


We are not looking to reinvent the wheel when it comes to brunch food. While we think food should be simple, we are big believers in taste. At Lunar, we constantly experiment with classic flavours while adding our own twist to them.


We're committed to making you coffee borne of the highest standards. Our goal is to keep you coming back for more and we've handily added a loyalty programme that does exactly that. After purchasing 6 cups of coffee (conveniently tracked on your Lunar loyalty card), your 7th cup will be on us!